A thrilling night of Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia happens every Wednesday night 7p-9p at City Sports Grille, next to Spare Time Clifton Park. I stole some questions - want the answers?

Play Pop Culture trivia against our lovely Q103 Q-Tease. (They are smart by the way- not just pretty faces) Wednesday nights at City Sports Grille next to Spare Time Clifton Park from 7p-9p.  Hosted by our midday personality Rob Dawes. (schmuck)

If you are looking for a fun night out.. this is the place to be on a Wednesday night. Its a entertaining two hours and nobody does trivia like Q103.  Win cool prizes like gift certificates, and concert tickets, like Sick Puppies, Apocalyptica and more.

Yes there are regulars but new teams come and play all the time.  The regulars know that I steal and post some questions for the website, so you dont look like complete idiots when Rob tries to throw a curveball at the teams.

This week Q-Tease are Stephanie and Jodi/her alter ego Jodu.  (Jodi whats this I hear that you can't live in Arizona because of some law you would be breaking or is that Jodu??)  Both of these girls are devilish come off as very nice but when it comes to trivia, NOBODY stands in their way!

So a few tips this week. Know your Mardi Gras, NCAA Basketball plus I saw many multiple choice questions, which is good because then you have a reasonable chance with a guess. However the Q-Tease always say  - if you dont know,  pick B. WRONG!! This week dont do it.. It will get you in trouble!!!

You better study too. These questions did NOT appear to be very easy!

Now the stolen questions.  - hopefully this will help you somewhat.

Question #1
A whales Penis is called a what?  Multiple guess here.. but it's a DORK! 

That's what I call Rob for this stupid question.. oooooooh he said penis, snicker, snicker, he he ha ha.. idiot! By the way not the only question I saw with that word being used.

Question #2
What organ is inflammed when one has encephalitis?  The brain.

You know what is hilarious about this question? - listening to Rob trying to pronounce that word.  Even better ask one of the Q-Tease to say it!

Question #3
Who issued bonds in his name for people to invest in in 1997?
David Bowie

Seriously who would know this? I bet Rob is just using it because the answer is David Bowie. He thinks its a music question.. well he and the Q-Tease will be fooled when everyone knows the answer. 

Question #4
How many cows does it take to supply the NFL with enough leather for a years supply of footballs?

ah a quote unquote sports question.. sort of.  Why not ask how many hefers has Rob dated instead??

Question #5
Men fart how many times a day on average.  This is a multiple choice question, but the answer is 17.  Sure there are people you know including  yourself that pass gas or fart more than that.  The green card say 17 and we go with that.  The only other comment I say to this is look at my comment for question #1.   What a dork! 

Have a great time at Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia.  Wednesday night 7p-9p next to Spare Time Clifton Park, 1668 Route 9.  Bring your friends, a team, yourself or a pair.  It's definately a good time.  35 cent wings starting at 8pm too! Labatt specials and dont forget to get a vessel. - ask Kristen the waitress about those.

Coming soon, I hear we'll be giving away tickets to Rock On The Range at trivia.  It will be a cumulative contest, better bring the "A"game for that!