You are not seeing things, Steven Tyler must have the judging bug or something because apparently he will judge any contest that is willing to pay him money.  Giant pumpkin contests, you're next!

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler made a lot of rock fans, and even his bandmates, angry when he became a judge on the pop garbage fest known as American Idol.   Now he is going to be judging the Great Lengths USA Challenge, a contest for hair extensions.  What?  I can only imagine what Joe Perry is saying right now, and it's probably not something that is safe for radio.

When asked about Tyler being a judge, the people at Great Lengths said they were very excited to have him on board because no one has had as much influence on hair in recent years.  I had no idea that people looked at Steven Tyler as a hair expert, but I guess you learn something new everyday.

So for those of you getting ready to have a competition that needs judging, be sure to get in contact with Steven Tyler, because for the right price or maybe even just a meal he will come judge your stuff.