This was the first performance of Tyler I’ve seen quite a while. Not bad for a dude who’s 63! I’m willing to bet that Joe Perry wasn’t as impressed as I was though. I don’t think Joe likes anything that takes away from Aerosmith. And it’s just that simple. I did an on-air interview with Perry when he came to Northern Lights in ’09 before Tyler had checked himself in to rehab, and there is so much love and respect between those two that they can really say anything about the other and it seems to be ok. But the one thing I got from it was that Joe Perry just wants to get out there and play, and anything that impedes the progress of Aerosmith recording a new cd and getting out on the road is definitely bad.

I like it when rockers do different stuff like this. The funny thing is I don’t usually care for artists from other veins of music who try to rock out. I guess I like to see my favorites in different lights, but could really care less about people I don’t listen too.

 All in all, I think it was refreshing to wake up this morning and find out that Steve Tyler appeared on some country awards ceremony. Although I don’t think I would enjoy seeing Tyler in a full concert because I just think he’s too old to even attempt singing most anything that he’s recorded, watching him sing 1 or 2 songs was great! And he sure good too, doesn’t he? I know that if my mom was watching it me she would have said “Nice duds”.

Btw, they perform 'Walk This Way' in the second part of the video.