I tried a couple times to come up with a personal story to open this article up, but I just couldn't do it. Sometimes you say something straight from the hip. While I think this Steve Jobs action figure is cool and looks incredibly life like, it creeps me the hell out.

Steve Jobs was someone that was like no other. So the memorials to him when he died, I thought were touching and fitting in many respects. This one, I'm not too sure about. The details on this action figure from inicons.com, is really well done. From the gray in his beard to the wrinkles on his face. The articulation of how you can move him is just as impressive.

But when you sit and just look at a picture of the figure, and you realize this is a piece of plastic, it kind of creeps you out how life like it is. But the craftsmanship that went into it is really impressive! The figure comes with different set of hands and has a load of accessories to go with it. From the pictures on the website, you could have him setup to show off then next big Apple product. If it didn't creep me out, I would grab this in a split second. But also at a hundred dollars, it kind of crosses the line for me. I may be a fan, but I'm not a "Fanboy".

Still, it would look good next to my Dad's collectable plates on the shelf in my dining room.