Stephanie has been very good to us.  She shows us all kinds of tricks when it comes to the internet. So when we asked how we could grab some more views, we really liked where her head was at. A girl who isn't afraid to put herself out there.  That is how you would describe our friend Stephanie.  She pops by Albany quite frequently.  We have meetings, talk about boners, and have a good laugh.

So we were brainstorming, trying to figure out how what kinds of creative things we could do for you guys on the Q site.  Photos came to mind, but what kinds of photos.  What's cool?

Well, motorcycles and cool.  Okay, step one done.  Obviously people like beautiful women in next to nothing, so we had to include a bikini clad female.  She needed something to hold though.  So what would look totally hot?  Guns of course!  Now we just needed a model.  That's where Stephanie stepped up to the plate.

Oddly enough, she had already done a similar photo shoot.  Who would have thought?