As a gamer, like most, I have my favorite styles/genres of games. I personally love Third Person Shooters and Open World games. Thus far in the Zombie department, I've been jipped. That is until June when State Of Decay gets unleashed on the world via XBox Arcade. 

It's more then just a Zombie slaying, survival game.

State of Decay drops you in the middle of a robust mountain side town during the Zombie Apocalypse. You are charged with the task of not only surviving but you must also build a team of survivors and help get everyone out.

The game isn't based in "you died, start over" mentality. In fact, if you die that survivor is now lost and you are down one member to your group. Each person you encounter has a special set of skills from sniper to hunter to collector, etc. More thought must be put in to each move you make in the game and who you take out to gather supplies or more survivors.

Also with the putting more thought in to every move; you have to be careful of firing guns, driving cars, and making any noise whatsoever. In the bottom corner of the screen there is your map with noise level awareness. gauges. If you make to much noise and a horde is nearby, they will find you and attack.

Just the two trailers have me geared up and ready to go Zombie hunting. June can't come soon enough though we don't have a definitive release date.

To check out gameplay of the game; visit the game's YouTube Channel HERE