In 2009, a project was started to recreate Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope with just 15 second user submitted clips. Then those clips would all be joined together, in order to recreate the entire movie. You could film the 15 seconds, anyway you liked in any style. Now it looks to be well on it way to being done. It's called Star Wars: Uncut. Stop animation, traditional animation as well as full on recreating scenes with actors and props and sets are all combined into one big mash up of Star Wars. As a big fan of the movies, and after seeing the trailer for this project, which is below, I gotta say, no, oh HELL NO! I get that it wasn't meant to improve the original or anything like that. This was a homage to the films. But really, some of the stuff submitted just seems way too cheesy for a cheesy project like this.

I was outraged with the Han shot first edit. I was outraged when Vader said "NoooOoo!!!" in the Bluray edition. I wasn't as outraged when the Ewoks started blinking, but yeah, seeing them blink now is a bit creepy. All things being the same, while I think this project is really a great idea, the clips being submitted in some cases, just suck. But I do applaud the effort that many other put int their work for this project. When it's totally complete, I will watch the whole thing, or as much as I can, til I'm on the verge of being physically ill. Until then, I shall enjoy my DVDs and still pretend Han shot first. Because he did. We all saw it back in 1977 and the years since then till the Special Editions came out.