It was a scary moment in Ottawa, Canada yesterday.  A sever thunderstorm did more than just drop a little rain on the annual Blues Festival, it dropped the entire stage!When Cheap Trick says they are gonna bring down the house, they mean it!  During their set at this weekends Ottawa Blues Festival a huge Thunderstorm moved through and it's sever weather was so bad it caused the stage to collapse.  Right now the Toronto Sun is reporting that at least 10 people were injured, but none of the guys in Cheap Trick were  hurt.  They escaped without injury, but spectators at the fest said that it took the members of the band off their feet.

Apparently the winds of this storm reached nearly 60mph, so it's no wonder that it was able to bring down the stage.  From the video, it sounds like the earth is literally crumbling.  Scary stuff for anyone near the stage.

For more on this story check out the video coverage from ABC World News.