It’s a dangerous game keeping someone from getting their Taco Bell and this employee learned that the hard way. According to police, 26-year-old Steven Noska used a BB gun against an enraged customer in Springfield, MA. Apparently, the customer was initially angry because no one came to take his order at the drive-thru window. I’m assuming his anger only grew once he was forced to get out of his car and realized he was at a Taco Bell. That’s enough to drive anyone into an Incredible Hulk like rampage.

The customer and Noska allegedly had a shouting match and then a fight in the Taco Bell parking lot. It’s been reported by the police the customer bit Noska on the arm. Noska went to his car to retrieve a BB gun and allegedly shot the customer several times. It’s unclear if Noska was as nice as my cousin was to me when he gave me a .002 second head start before he started shooting.

Lesson of this story: never keep anyone from Taco Bell?