I have a bone to pick with Punxsutawney Phil. 'An early Spring is coming' (which translates to six more weeks of Winter) was the prediction from our furry friend in Punxsutawney, PA..  By the way, that was six weeks ago, and no, no sign of Spring is near. In fact, expect another dose of Old Man Winter around these parts starting tonight.

Yeah Phil, you were way off bro! What are they feeding you at Gobbler's Knob? Were you drinking with some of your fans? Is that the reason we can expect close to 8 inches around Albany with higher totals to the north: Saratoga, Glens Falls, Lake George?

According to the National Weather Service, the white stuff will start to fly later this evening and continue into our Tuesday morning commute with the heaviest of the snow falling overnight. Worried that you won't be awake when the snow flies? No worries, expect 1-3 inches of snow with 4 inches already on the ground as you trek into work in the morning. I smell a sick day ;-)

Getting back to Phil. I know you aren't a meteorologist. In fact, all you're supposed to do is come out of your hole, look for a shadow, and retreat. I get it. You're just a groundhog who got lucky. You're adored by all and have a pretty bad-ass job. I'm sorry for being mean with my words. See, it's just that most meteorologists are wrong about 79% of the time. I was kind of hoping, for once, a prediction was made and it actually came to fruition. But again, I get it, you're just a groundhog. It's not like you have any idea what's going on. Again, you got lucky and I can't hate on that. See ya next year, buddy.


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