The off the beaten path theater in Albany has decided to keep up with the times and add a 3D screen to its arsenal.

One of the last of its kind, the Spectrum 8 theater in Albany is  a very unique place to catch a movie these days.  They usually show the movies that most major theaters won't even consider.  You would think that may hurt them, but on the weekends the place is usually a madhouse.  Now it seems like the theater that was always different from everyone else is going to be keeping up with the big boys.

The Spectrum announced on their Facebook page a few days ago that they will be adding a 3D screen and the first movie they will be playing on it will be Werner Herzog's "Cave of Forgotten Dreams".  Showings for that will begin on June 24.  No prices have been determined yet, and it looks like they are going to be working quick to get the screen up and working.

Do you think this is a smart move by a theater who has always kind of been different than everyone else, or is this a step in the right direction for them?