One thing is for certain about upstate New York. It's a melting pot of people, personalities, and cultures. You can hear a variety of accents no matter where you in/around Albany and beyond.

Accents are one way to tell where a person is from. Some are stronger than others and some are even more liked then others. So which is seen as the "most attractive" accent? recently polled 2,000 men and women to find out just that.

Surprisingly, southern accents are the most attractive and New York was second. Here's how the poll broke it down:

  1. Southern (36%)
  2. New York (16%)
  3. California/Western (13%)
  4. Boston/New England (10%)
  5. New Jersey (7%)
  6. Canadian (7%)
  7. Midwestern (5%)
  8. Mid-Atlantic (4%)

So why southern? According Moultrie News, the "southern draw" is known worldwide and was a huge hit with the men in the survey. I can't blame them, living in the south, there was nothing sexier than a girl with the draw. The New Yorker was voted on highly by women for their "fast and straight talking."

What's your favorite?