Have you ever seen two guys yelling at each other while surrounded by other guys cheering them on?  You are expecting a big confrontation, but it never seems to happen.  They just walk around screaming at each other until they run out of steam and end up friends.  This is the art of the 'Bro-Down'.

What ever happened to just settling an argument with a good old fashioned fist fight?  The art of that seems to be all but gone.  Instead what we are left with is two men who don't actually want to fight, but talk about fighting, and also won't fight.

This is called a 'Bro-Down'.  Last night South Park brought this new form of confrontation to the masses.  Okay, so maybe it's not new, but it's something is more apparent with the rise of all the Jersey Shore douches out there.  If you watch MTV's Jersey Shore than you are well acquainted with the "bro-down'.  No one does it better than a bunch of gelled up, juiced up idiots who spend more time doing their hair than most women.

If you are still unsure of what a 'bro-down' is, then get familiar and check out  the clip from last nights episode.