We told you a few weeks ago that you can expect a live Soundgarden album in March, but now the guys are back in the studio recording a brand new album.

So Soundgarden is back together after being broke up for near 15 years and they are getting things done.  They have been all over the place from headlining Lollapalooza last summer to Saturday Night Live.  The were even up for a Grammy this year for "Black Rain".  Now the guys are back in the studio and recording brand new music for 2011.   Apparently they have been hanging out and writing for the past couple months and are ready to start laying down soem tracks.  This is very exciting because the last time we had new material from Soundgarden was back in 1996.  In a statement on their website the band said:

Over the past few months, we've been busy jamming, writing and hanging out together -- exploring the creative aspect of being Soundgarden. It feels great. We have some cool new songs that we are going to record very soon,thank you for all of the support!

No date on when the new album from Sound Garden will be out, but you can expect the first ever live album from them to hit in March.  Live on 15 chronicles the west coast portion of Soundgarden's 1996 tour before they broke up.  Looks like 2011 is going to be a pretty productive year for the band.