It seems that Sony has incurred the wrath of hackers these past few months. First it was the PlayStation Network, where PS3 owners can connect their consoles and play others in online games, as well as purchase music and games. Now, Sony's music division is under attack from hackers. The attack has exposed user data leaving Sony in another PR mess.

The attack tricked the website's database and webserver into sending back information to the hacker. Though it appears that the information sent back didn't contain anything personally identifiable. But it was also learned that a couple more databases on the same site, may be vulnerable too. And what data is in there is not know.

The attack seems to be the work of a group called Lulz Security. They are the same group that hacked earlier on. Their main motive seem to be doing it for fun and political reasons, rather then financial. Regardless of the motives, Sony has been under some heavy scrutiny from the press. They are still dealing with issues with their PlayStation Network being hacked as well as customers complaining about not being able to get on some of their favorite games, as well as developers losing money from the down time of the PSN hack. And let's not forget the economic problems, from the earthquake and tsunami.

This latest incident is sure to give Sony even more pressure to get it's problems fixed and quickly. But when things are rushed, we all know that mistakes could happen. This is where Sony needs to be very careful. More missteps, could hurt the company severely.