Seriously, this has got to be the best middle age white guy rap about Miley Cyrus I have seen all day. So what if he’s about a week late to the dance, have you heard those sick rhymes? This bro is spitting mad hot fire!

The lyrical genius you are looking at is Tony Infantino or as his posse refers to him “T-Dizzy”. Tony is a morning DJ for a soft rock station in Rochester, NY but as you can clearly see he posses way more skill then just making stay at home moms with kankles laugh. Some of his hidden talents include ridding a sick beat and spitting cutting edge poetry that would make Maya Angelou roll over in her grave with envy.


This rap has got it all and I can’t wait to see it climb the charts. An off the chain beat, punctual topics and a pinch of MLK for street cred? This is like one of those super raps from the future! Look out Kanye.