Hitting the vending machine at work during lunch today? Getting a can of your favorite soda? You might want to wash off the top of that bad boy before you even take one sip.

CBS4 in Miami, Florida conducted a study of nearly 20 random soda can tops from grocery stores, gas stations, vending machines, and even restaurants.

What did they find? Nearly a dozen of different bacterial strains just waiting to hit your lips. They found soot atop one can and the odor of yeast on another. How about the bacteria that cause ear and throat infections? They found that growing on a can from a vending machine.

Another can, from a gas station, had a coliform bacteria that is typically found in human intestines growing on the top - Meaning the clerk didn't wash his hands after going No.2 before returning to work touching your money and even the products you buy.

Disgusting right? No matter where I get my can from, I wash the top off with water and paper towel. And expects say the same as well. Fresh tap water or an alcohol based sanitizer can be an effective wipe-down to get rid of any dirt or germs on cans.