The drunken state of mind does not always lead to bad decision making. Once in a great while, someone who is too drunk to function properly can have a glimpse of brilliance. This is the story with my friend Mike about five years back when he invented the sock loofah.

I should start this tale by stating that I lived in a house with four dudes and zero bathroom doors. My friend Mike, who did not live with us, showed up with one of my roommates about six Long Island iced teas deep one afternoon. Mike and my roommate had been at a beach party all morning and now it was time to come home and get cleaned up. Mike wanted to shower but could barely stand on his own accord. We lured him to the upstairs bathroom much like Eliot lured E.T. into his bedroom. The bathroom had a stand up shower with a glass door which we thought would be easiest for old Drunky McDrunkstick to lean against.

Through the open frame where a door once was we we’re able to watch this baboon attempt to shower. I’d like to believe we watched him shower to make sure he did not fall or accidentally drown but I’m pretty sure we were watching for the same reason people watch NASCAR races. We wanted to see the accident happen so we could laugh. I should also add that Mike had forgotten to remove his clothing. He yelled to us to get him a wash cloth but then quickly told us “Never mind, I got one” as he removed one of his wool work socks. He used that dirty sock like a loofah and it was brilliant. The sock works like a pouch to hold your soap. It fits neatly over your hand for scrubbing and when you’re done using it you can wear it on your feet to bring to any shower you want. Sock Loofah is another brilliant invention from a drunken mind.