When you hear the name "Sober Bar" you might wonder what would be the point of a "bar" that doesn't serve alcohol. Would you even visit such a place?

Well, a new bar in the Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake doesn't mind those looking for drinks not visiting them. The Other Side bar is completely sober and appeals to those recovering from addiction.

Sever friends, all of whom have dealt with addition themselves, gathers after the wake of a friend who lost his life to heroin and decided they wanted a place for them and others like them to hang out. Chris Reed, member of the Board of Directors for The Other Side, says "We're still young, and we want to hang out."

The friends have a non-profit group called The New Directions Addiction Recovery Center that will run the bar and proceeds from the bar will go towards funding of drug education and treatment initiatives within the community.

As a reminder of sobriety to those that visit, a "Recovery Board" will be prominently displayed with pictures of friends of people who lost their lives to additions. According to the Board of Directors recovery can be very difficult in suburb settings with so few options to help maintain the process. Most cities only have movie theaters, parks, or bowling alleys, while bars are not an option for attendance.

The Other Side opens on April 27th.