Yesterday, I drove out from college to sit in on the on-air interview with Hinder before working their show. The roads were horrible, but I made the drive safely to the station. I arrived a couple minutes before the guys showed up, so I relaxed for a couple minutes before commotion started in the station. Apparently, Q103's driving is a bit too much for the boys of Hinder.

Everyone in the band was so nice and very respectful. After "making my presence known," as Rob Dawes said, I listened in on the interview. To my surprise, I did not expect them to bring up tattoos...on their genitals. 'Tarpe' will forever be implanted in my brain as the name of Blower's (Hinder's guitarist's) "boys." I have not sat in on an interview filled with this much insanity before.

With the roads being awful, everyone (including the band) carpooled to Northern Lights in the station vehicles. Mostly we jammed out to Q103 while the guys critiqued or reminisced on each of the songs that played. The ride was slow with rush hour and horrible road conditions, so Q-Tease Jen and I were asking them random questions.

For instance, I was curious if the band has ever been to the Playboy mansion. Well, they haven't! They were wondering why they haven't been there either. I highly suggest that Hugh Hefner sends them an invite. He can send me one too, actually.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I asked Cody (Hinder's drummer) and Blower if they had anyone special or any special plans. They were not too enthused about the question, and are actually anti-Valentine celebrators. They didn't have any  juicy anti-Valentine stories to share, but I was able to share with them on how I was woken up with a chainsaw. Try to top that anti-Valentine story.

Being able to chat with the guys for the afternoon was most certainly a memorable experience and, without a doubt, a privilege. I've been a fan of Hinder since high school, and the last time I saw them was when "Get Stoned" first debuted and they opened for Nickelback at the Times Union Center. Yesterday, I got to see how much the band has grown and even myself. The guys of Hinder are not by any means, cocky or selfish. They helped me out of the station vehicle, held doors for me, and are incredibly well-mannered.

Even if they are bad-boy rockers, they still have good hearts. I cannot wait for them to come back to Albany, and will be certainly attending Rock on the Range to see them again.