The President's winter break week in the Capital Region started with extreme cold temperatures, then warmed to 50 degrees, and ended with heavy snowstorm with 6-12" expected.  Did it ruin winter break? 

Many Capital Region residents fled the area last weekend, escaping to warm temperatures. Orlando Florida had temperatures in the high 70's while Miami was enjoying 80 degrees or higher.  A welcome relief from the unseasonably cold and snowy winter in New York State.   Hope you enjoyed it!   

We havent had a major storm in a while and I was tired of seeing television newscasts reporting live from the Albany International Airport about delayed flights and will residents ever embark on time.  Now with this latest winter storm 6-12" inches of heavy snow expected, we're bound to see the media outside in blowing snow at the airport again.  

 (wasnt this storm supposed to be a rain event?) 

So while the people who left the area to hang with Mickey, relax on a beach or sit poolside, they will be welcomed back to what they tried to escape, cold temperatures, and shoveling heavy snow.  Or perhaps they can stay in the warmer weather just a little longer as flights are bound to be cancelled.

Sorry the snow ruined Winter Break, you did get to escape it for a while.  Thanks mother nature and Punxsutawney Phil.  The ice in my driveway was finally melting!