Some of the best musicians have graced the stage of Saturday Night Live, but so far their guests have been very disappointing.

I have always been a fan of catching the musical guest on SNL, but if you have been tuning in the last few episodes the musical guests have been, lets just say, leaving us scratching our heads.  Case in point, Sleigh Bells.  That was the guest this weekend, and we aren't really sure what they were doing. Apparently they are categorized as noise pop, which just doesn't  seem appealing from a genre stand point.

Now SNL is pretty famous for bringing in new bands, but whoever has been scheduling them lately has been striking out.  Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Karmin, all swings and misses.  Earlier in the season they had acts like Coldplay, The Black Keys, Michael Buble, you know, artists that people know and enjoy listening too.

As a fan of the show, please SNL, get us some better musical guests.  Loved the Foo Fighters last season, and Linkin Park too.  Lets bring some rock back to the SNL stage.

Sleigh Bells:

Bon Iver: