He who smelt it, lived longest.

I don't know where Exeter is, or if it's even a place, but I assume the University of Exeter is in England. Why, because weird science facts like this always seem to come from a 'British research team'.

Farts, or as they shall now be called, nature's Obamacare, seem to be good for you, like disease prevention good. As it turns out, your mitochondria, which for the sake of my understanding will for the rest of time be referred to as midichlorians, like your stank. Well, kinda. Hydrogen sulfide is released when you toot, and somehow that is what protects your midichlorians.

To be fair, not one scientist has said 'sniffing farts is good for your health', well at least not in a real scientific paper. If one has, I want to frame that and put it on the mantle that I will someday own.