Sounds like something you would see in a late night commercial but have you ever thought "Man, I wish I could sneak my favorite hard liquor or beer into a summer concert" - Well, now you can with Smuggle Your Booze.

According to the makers of the product:

THE ULTIMATE BYOB, or as we like to call it, SYOB (Smuggle Your Own Booze)
At a concert, festival, beach, fair or sporting event our product is there with you!! The new and convenient way to bring your beverage of choice to ANY event, ANYWHERE!! Our products have been tested and have gotten in to all events listed above undetected!! No Hassle!!

As you can see below, Smuggle Your Booze comes in three different varieties including Sunscreen Bottle, "Boobie Bag" for bras, and Tampon Tubes.

This is definitely a lot better than the previous idea I had talked about a few weeks back, How To: Sneak Vodka Into Nearly Any Venuewhich consisted of multiple steps, a few water bottles, and some time to complete.

Does Smuggle Your Booze actually work though? The website where you can buy the product seems to think so:

Our products are hiding booze all over the country. We have reports they have been spotted in Alaska, This happy smuggler bought six smuggle your booze products and is saving lots of money on his cruise.
The sunscreen bottles were seen poolside in vegas and the tampon flasks that hide a shot, were seen at a concert in San Diego.

Might be worth a shot to try this summer at any event or concert; I can think of a few right now. You can buy the "Ultimate BYOB Gift Package" of all three smuggling ways for $28 or just go for the one you like most for $10 to $12 per.

Sunscreen Smuggling
Tampon Smuggling
"Boobie Bag" Bra Smuggling