I frickin' hate snakes beyond all belief. It's the one animal that can make me cringe and run screaming like a little school girl (too much? probably). I can't even imagine sitting in a plane, looking out my window, seeing a giant snake hanging on for dear life while in flight on the wing, and somehow muster up the ability to film it.

Well someone did and for that I say "Thank You"

The plane was en route from Australia to Papua New Guinea when passengers on the left side of the plane looked out and saw a giant python caught in the wing of the aircraft. Yes, this is not a bad movie with Samuel L. Jackson in it.

The snake, which measured in at 10 ft, was beat up by the winds while in flight (Side note: can you imagine that thing dropping on you if it feel off? Ewww). The snake tried to coil itself under the wing for protection from the 250 mph winds to no avail, it was found dead upon landing.

The aircrew was alerted 20 minutes in to the roughly 2 hour flight of what was happening. No real "worry or panic" was seen by the passengers, in fact those in the front of the plane were clueless to the happenings.

It is believed the snake crawled on to the plane from nearby.

Check out the highlight video of the story below:

And now for your enjoy the famous scene from Snakes On A Plane, as edited for TV.