Most guys love breast, the bigger the better right? A German lawyer is accusing his former lover of trying to kill him with her breast. Was it a love game gone wrong or the breast way possible to leave this earth?

Tim Schmidt, 33, says his ex Franszika caught wind he was leaving her and that's when she tried to suffocate him with her 38 DDs.

According Tim, they were having sex with Frans on top and him having some fun with her bosoms. That's then Frans grabbed Tim, forcing his face in to her breast and held him there. He is accusing her of "Attempted Manslaughter with a Weapon." Tim's ex claims it was a sex game and that Tim was playing along.

Tim, blue faced and ready to pass out, used "his last bit of strength" to pull free from her fleshy clutches and made off to a neighbor's house - naked. Tim also claims that on the phone Franszika admitted that she was trying to kill him. When asked why she tried to kill him she replied, "I wanted your death to be a pleasurable as possible."

Sounds like a pretty sick and twisted affair to me. Would you take your ex-girlfriend to court or even accuse them of manslaughter via fleshy pleasure?