Looks like you should have traded in that sissy tree hugging bus for a Hemi! A real truck that burns man fuel would never fail you like this!

I saw this hippy free loving bus on my way home from the station last night and I didn’t see the irony at first glance. The bus was spray painted like the dollar store partridge family, there were couches on the roof, and to top it off the words “Runs on veggie oil” were painted on the bumper… go screw!

Veggie oil? Maybe it’s about time to fill that hunk of junk full of dinosaur blood like the rest of us. My car runs off the tears of sea otters and the interior is lined with the fur of a thousand sugar gliders and stuffed with feathers of the blue footed booby form the Galapagos. I may not look all smug and eco-friendly, but it sure as hell doesn’t break down on me.

Maybe I’m setting myself up for bad Karma, but at least I’ll be making love to the American roads with my 4X4 Hemi gas sucking monster truck and looking awesome while doing it!