Maybe we can't all agree on the Smashing Pumpkins new material, but we do love all the old stuff!

If you are looking to update your Smashing Pumpkins collection then get ready for some reissued albums over the next few years.  The Pumpkins have decided that while working on new material they are going to remaster some of their classic albums which will also include bonus material!

The Pumpkins have been big proponents of digital downloads, and thats how front man Billy Corgan has released some of their latest work.  Maybe he is finally feeling the pinch of the economy and wants to see some turn around from all of his work.  As far as the bonus material on the reissues, nothing has been released yet but Billy recently said he found some recording of some of the Pumpkins first live shows, so I bet that will be packed into it some how.

I am a big fan of bands reissuing material and adding some never before heard stuff to it because maybe someone doesn't have an album and now you get some extras along with it.  Plus I love the crispness of a remastered sound.  You can look for Gish and Siamese Dream later this year and then more will be out in 2012.