If you are human, then I'm sure you have dropped your phone a time or two - on the pavement, kitchen floor, maybe even in the toilet during a drunken binge. In any case, most times the phone is broken after the drop or the screen is severely cracked (I-Phone users know this best). What if there was a way to keep your phone safe, say an airbag like in your car - just on your phone though. Well, wait no further - The Smartphone Airbag is coming!

The technology just received a patent that would use the gyroscope and accelerometers to detect a drop and deploy an airbag to protect the phone.

According to the patent: Prior to impact between a surface and a device, a determination of a risk of damage to the device is made. If the risk of damage to the device exceeds a threshold, a protection system is activated to reduce or eliminate damage to the device."

So who created this? The founder of Amazon, Mr. Jeff Bezos. He expects the product to hit retailers sometime within the next year.

Would you buy it? How do you protect your phone?

I have an Otter Box on my HTC EVO 3-D phone. - Yes, it might be a bit on the bulky side but knowing I don't have to drop down a $100 for the deductible every time I drop the phone is worth the extra size and roughly $60 to purchase. I say this because already the idea is being hit with "Well, it's going to be too bulky to apply such an device to the phone" comments.

To that I say you have the choice of 2 B's - Bulky or Broken. I've seen too many people with broken screens because a case might be "too bulky" for their taste. Fine, enjoy your shattered screen while you wait until you are up for a new phone on your plan because you refuse to pay for a new phone.

So, The Smartphone Airbag - Good Idea or a WTH Where They Thinking Idea?