Every Wednesday night from 7p-9p, Q103 and our lovely Q-Tease play trivia at City Sports Grille in Clifton Park.  I just got a peek at some of the questions.

Rob Dawes hosts, and he doesnt know I am blogging this but I saw some of this weeks triva questions & answers.  Last week Smarter Than A Q-Tease was cancelled due to snow, since it was cancelled Rob was careless and left some of the questions in the studio.  I thought I would share some of the harder questions, so you can answer correctly and win tickets to see Buckcherry at Northern Lights February 18th. 

1) Who is the most hated person in sports for 2010-2011?
- Al Davis

2) Who played Batman immediately before George Clooney?
- Val Kilmer

3) What is the snowiest city in New York State?
- Syracuse.
I think this is a bonus question, because he has 111 inches of snow yearly.

4) Name the Egyptian President that demonstrators want to step down?
- President Hosni Mubarak

ok one more before Rob kills me.

5) Where did Pizza originate from?
-Greece ,  sounds like a trick question if you ask me.

so there you go,  good luck with trivia.  Hope you beat the Q-Tease and win those tickets! You have me to thanks  ~ Hunter.