Another round of Smarter Than A Q-Tease trivia will take place Wednesday night at the City Sports Grille in Clifton Park from 7p-9p. Want some answers?

I guess you guys are liking that I post the questions and answers according to the feedback that I have been getting.  Every week, I'll try to steal some of the questions from Q103 host Rob Dawes.  Sporty Tease Heather and Stephanie will be playing this week.  Heather hates to lose.  Her and Amanda did so well last week, that nobody was Smarter than A Q-Tease.   So here are my two cents to help to you win again!

1) What does the first letter of a radio station's call sign mean in the United States?

Answer:  Technically is the location of the station. W means east of the Mississippi, K means west of Mississippi.  - unless you went to radio school, you wouldnt know this.

2) What has the right of way on all Utah highways?

Answer: Birds  - This might be Rob's thinking of a trick question. Little does he know. LOL.

3) Who is the lead singer of The Used? - Q-Tease Jen’s FAVORITE band ever!!

Answer:  Bert McCracken  - really?? Unless you spent lots of time with Jen will you know this.  I bet Rob makes this a 10 pointer. HAHAHA!

4) What was patented in 1903 by Italian merchant Italio Marcione?

Answer:  Ice Cream Cone  - Wouldnt be surprised that this could be the FINAL QUESTION.  Rob likes to ask these encyclopedia questions to wreck your night!

5) What are the origins of the name Linkin Park?

Answer:  'Linkin Park' was suggested so that the band would appear right next to Limp Bizkit at record stores.

6) Before they were Linkin Park what was the band known as?

Answer: Hybrid Theory

There appears to be two questions concerning Linkin Park. Not sure which one will actually make it to trivia, so I posted both of them.  Stephanie is a Linkin Park freak.. fyi.

Good Luck, I hope you and your teams beat the Q-Tease in trivia this week, to win some cool prizes - concert tickets, gift certificates, t-shirts, or meet n greets.   Smarter Than A Q-Tease trivia happens every Wednesday night at the City Sports Grille, next to Spare Time Clifton Park from 7p-9p.  Located at 1668 Route 9 near Red Robin is easy to find.  If you need directions call 518-371-4000.

Its a fun night of trivia, great food, and lots of laughs! Sponsored in part by Labatt Blue Light.

Say hi to grandpa Bob for me.  ~ Hunter