After what seemed like the longest week in history, Q103 returns to Dublin’s Restaurant and Lounge, located at 121 4th street in Troy this week for Smarter than a Q-Tease trivia! We test your knowledge of pop culture trivia, including celebrities, sports, music, movies and current events, and based on how sharp you and your team are, you could win awesome prizes! It happens from 7-9 pm so don't be late! Motley Crue Tickets are at stake!

Here’s how trivia works, just in case you didn’t already know: we play three rounds of 10 questions.  Each question is worth a certain number of points. Get it right, earn the point. If you get it wrong, you will NOT be deducted any points. At the end of each round the team with the highest number of points wins a free pitcher of beer. Whomever wins the third round will get a $25 gift certificate to Dublin’s (to be used at a different time). After all three rounds, we ask a final question where you wager all (or as many as you want) the points you earned. Whichever team then has the most points will win those coveted Motley Crue tickets!

If you want to do well, you have to make sure to brush up with the Q103 website, as each week, our new girl Dru blogs a handful of answers to ensure that you will get those points.

This week and next, our regular host Rob Dawes will be out, so our awesome DJ BJ will be taking over

 while Rob goes on his coke binge. BJ is still new at this, so don't be too hard on him just yet. By next week you can treat him like you do Rob. : p

This week you and your team will take on Amanda and Nikki. Don’t be fooled though, because the Q103 Q-Tease are hot and smart!

So if  you think you’re up for the challenge, then get a team and a team name together and take us on! What have you got to lose? You get to have food, drinks and fun, while learning useless information and looking at hot girls! 

We look forward to seeing you and your team tonight from 7-9 pm for Smarter than a Q-Tease trivia.