Our weekly trivia game, Smarter than a Q-Tease will be happening tonight in addition to the Sick Puppies concert. Trivia takes place from 7-9 at the City Sports Grille in Clifton Park, and the show starts around 7 pm at Northern Lights. Don't fret, however, because the Sick Puppies will not be going on until after 9, so you can play trivia and go to the show!

If you have never played trivia before, here’s how it works: there are three rounds of ten questions, which cover sports, entertainment, music, news and current events. The winning teams of the first two rounds will receive a free appetizer, and the team who wins the third round gets a gift certificate to City Sports Grille. After the final question is answered each team’s points are tallied. At that point the winning team receives a pretty awesome reward- this week, Cold tickets are up for grabs!

Last week we introduced our new scoring system. We run everything on a computer now so it's easier and faster to keep score. The Q-Tease grab the answer slips and keep score while Rob Dawes reads the questions and entertains the crowd. It works very well so thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work out all of the bugs.

Afterward, Rob and the girls will head over to Lights for the show. It starts at 7 pm, and bands Framing Hanley and Adelita's Way will be opening for Sick Puppies. They generously agreed to wait until after 9 pm to go on so that everyone from trivia can make it in time to see them perform.

Tonight, Q-Tease Stephanie and newest Q-Tease Nikki will be playing trivia. Nikki apparently loves The Used as well, but we all know it's not nearly as much as I love them! BWAHAHAHA!!!

So get your team, or yourself together, come up with a catchy name, and join us tonight for trivia! What have you got to lose- you get a fun night of trivia with hot girls and can then go right over to the show! It will be an awesome night! Oh and here's some answers to tonight's questions! Thanks Hunter!

Have fun at trivia and the show. I'll see you there!