Freaked out by small spaces? You know, elevators, the backseat of a two door car or caves? If you instantly started to sweat after reading that question, like me, you're most likely claustrophobic. The good news? We always get the front seat! 

Speaking of caves, ever been to Howe Caverns? I went there as a kid and never had an issue. I think I could go there now and not have an issue. Then again, this isn't on the menu, is it?



Ok, so I was told that using swear words in stories should only happen when it's needed. Guess what?

F--- That

Kara and her boyfriend are crawling through cave tunnels like it's no big deal, even making jokes in the process. 'Hahaha, look at that nail, it supports the wall'. I would take one look at the crawl space and be like: 'So it's been real, see ya when you come out'. Seriously, I've gotten into arguments over who rides shotgun in a two door car. I would walk over sitting in the back. Claustrophobia is truly that controlling.

From what I've read, the only way to get over a phobia is to take on your fear, head on. No thanks! I've skydived once and will do it again. My fear of heights is the only fear I'm ready to 'take on' and I'm ok with that. I'll just sit back and watch Kara try and squeeze those melons through that tunnel thing. Yeah, I'm good with that.