This summer Slipknot is getting ready to  hit the road almost a year after the death of Paul Gray.  Everyone is ready to move on, except Corey Taylor.

Last week I reported that Slipknot was getting ready to hit the road for some pretty emotional shows.  Everyone in the band seems to very pumped and excited to start going again, but Corey Taylor has been strangely quiet about the whole thing.  So is he in or is he out?

Drummer Joey Jordison says that Slipknot is prepared to carry on with or without Taylor, but how do you go on without your lead singer?  Why wouldn't Taylor want to hit the road with the band that brought him fame?  Everyone else is prepared to move on, so why isn't he? I think right now he is having too much success with Stone Sour and maybe wants Slipknot to stay on the back burner.

I'm sure none of this will sit well with the devoted Slipknot fan base, but Taylor just may not be ready.  Apparently he hasn't been to a single rehearsal as of yet, but he could show up at any time.  I guess Clown can do the vocals if Taylor is absent, but it won't be the same.  When asked about touring without Paul Gray, Taylor said this back in December in an interview with Artisan News:

There’s still a part of me that’s kind of on the fence about it. It all comes down to the band at the end of the day and how we handle it. And if we can come together as men and handle it the right way and do it for the right reasons – do it for the fans, do it for the family – it could be the first of baby steps to see what happens in the future. The wonderful thing and the worst thing about this band is that there’s no other band like Slipknot, so we handle things the way we handle it.

-Corey Taylor

I suppose we will find out in just a little bit if Corey Taylor will be joining the band or not.  They are scheduled to play Greece in June so Corey has just a little over a month to prepare.  Keep it on Q103 for details, we will keep you up to date.