A lot of discussion this week after Corey Taylor said that Slipknot would tour but may never record again after the death of Paul Gray (who founded the band.)

Paul Gray was found dead in Des Moines after overdosing on prescription drugs prompting Slipknot to put all current projects on hold indefinitely. However not everyone thinks that it’s touchy freely with Corey Taylor but instead an excuse for him to keep working on his side projects like Stone Sour.  It sucks people make accusations like that. Fact is these guys were close and care - they’re like brothers. I think it sucks we may never hear new Slipknot but at the same time pretty respectful that they’ll tour but put to rest the band as it was. I hate when bands replace a member and go along like everything is fine. Remember when they tried to bring back Blind Mellon with a new lead signer and pretend everything was the same? Not cool... Sometimes it’s best to let the legend and legacy live on instead of trying to recreate it or move on like everything is the same.

They could on the other hand change the name, change the concept and keep recording... would that be the same thing as staying as Slipknot? What do you think?