Yesterday, Slayer was pulled from a festival in Australia after frontman, Tom Araya, was hospitalized. Kerrang! reported Araya is currently undergoing tests and will make a full recovery. Despite the rumors that have been speculated, it's not an ear infection.

Araya has a history of and back and neck problems, and had canceled tour dates for surgery last March. He's almost 50 years old. Maybe his body is trying to tell him a message. I'm only 21, I already have those issues. My prognosis was to give my body a break, and I'm already making great progress. For the first time in over a year, I have full motion in my right shoulder.

As some of you may know, February has been a brutal month for the band. Guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, was hospitalized earlier in the month. Hanneman has been diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease, necrotising fasciitis. Doctors believe this was a result of a spider bite. Hanneman will be undergoing surgery, and has been temporarily replaced by Gary Holt from Exodus.

Perhaps the band is under a curse, or just have a bad strain of bad luck right now. Hopefully, things will be looking up for them in the near future.