I think I've almost heard it all! Old school thrash metal quartet Slayer have just announced the release of their own line of latex condoms, complete with the famous Slayer logo. I think this is a first in the music world by far.

A regular box of condoms is pricey enough, but since these are special Slayer ones, they go for even higher. A three-pack goes for $12.99 and a six-pack for $19.99.

The picture shows it all: it is a regular Durex-brand condom that is enclosed in a Slayer matchbook. That's kind of a rip off for the price, I'm not going to lie. If the wrapper itself was Slayer brand that would be sick, but you're basically paying for a cardboard matchbook and getting an everyday condom.

I'm sure that won't bother long-time Slayer fans, however. If it has the logo, they will buy! According to the Slayer website:

For when you're going South of Heaven! Each Slayer Custom Condom 'matchbook' holds 1 Durex latex condom. Available as a 3-pack or 6-pack.

Go here to check out the special condoms and the rest of the merch in their online store.

What do you think of this? Are you a Slayer fan?