In 2012, Slash is going to be unleashing another solo album on us, and this time Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy is singing on the whole thing.  Now listen to a sample of what is to come.

Since we heard Slash's last solo album in 2010, we have been anxiously awaiting the next big thing from him.  Well, in May we will get that chance when he releases 'Apocalyptic Love' for the world to hear.  If you are like us and can't wait around, there is now a 30 second preview of the song 'You're A Lie'.

According to blabbermouth, Australia rock radio station Triple M previewed the clip so you can thank them for letting us hear this a little bit early.  The 30 seconds of Slash with Myles has totally given us blue balls though, and May 22nd seems even further away than before.


The record company decided that we deserved our own badass copy of this tune, so here is the clip and on Monday we will have the full song for you, so be listening!