I often hear people say that they afraid to venture to the "other side of the river", but I am here to tell you that places like the Skyline Diner totally make it worth it.

The Skyline Diner is kicking up downtown Rensselaer with basics.  What are the basics?  A great atmosphere, friendly service, and really good diner staples.  Though they aren't rookies to the diner business, they have expanded their reach.

Those of you who know the Guilderland area are familiar with the Western Diner. Well it's run by the same people.  One word comes to mind when thinking of the Skyline, and that's affordable.  Delicious also comes to mind.  Personally, I had to go with the Skyline special, which was two eggs, choice of meat, home fries and toast.  The menu was full of all kinds of options, though, including the bad boy in the image above, the Irish traveler.

A breakfast style Reuben, it's got eggs, corned beef and Swiss cheese.   First of all, after tasting this, corned beef should be mandatory at breakfast.  Not sure how your arteries would like that, but tough luck.

If you are looking for a great place for breakfast or lunch, then you have to try the Skyline.  The prices are great and the food is great.  Spread the word, the Skyline is here to stay.