Last night, Skillet kicked off their second leg of the "Unleashed" Tour at Upstate Concert Hall!  With a line-up including Devour the Day and Sick Puppies, Skillet brought all of their energy to rock a sold-out crowd and set the tone for the next six weeks of touring.

Prior to the show, the Q Crew was on-site, with our tent set up and Q103 music streaming from the van.  On a ridiculously cold day, the amazing fans of rock showed their loyalty, waiting in the cold for hours, having lined up as early as 4:15 for a chance to get a good spot in the venue.  Meet-and-Greet admission of course got a chance to head in the venue early, around 5:45, and got to both meet Skillet and snap a photo with them.   If you were one of these lucky people, you can catch your photo at:

I was lucky enough to sit down with BOTH Sick Puppies and Blake Allison, vocalist of Devour the Day, for separate interviews prior to the show.  I also got to catch some of soundcheck- which was a clear tip off that the show was going to ROCK.  Stay tuned to the site, or go to our youtube channel at Q103Albany to make sure you get to check out the interviews once they're up.  I can't spill the beans, but I will say we got a chance to talk about what to expect from the upcoming tour, as well as rocking the air guitar and shake weights.  There's also a great clip of Q103's Candace talking to Skillet, so make sure you get a chance to listen to their interview!

Devour the Day opened with about a 30 minute set, playing a mix of songs off of both their newest album 'S.O.A.R.' as well as older favorites such as 'Good Man.'  With a beefier sound, you can tell that Devour the Day has fallen into a creative groove and are hitting their stride.  At one point, vocalist Blake Allison jumped onto the crowd, continuing to belt out heavy lyrics while surfing above the hands of the crowd.

Sick Puppies played a longer set, mixing both heavier and softer material.  Bassist Emma Anzai brought all of the same heat that we saw at Q103's "Christmas Chaos," with dynamic moves and technical playing that leaves you only wanting more.  Vocalist Bryan Scott was on point throughout the night, showcasing his range, his pitch, and his tone.  He belted notes without wavering, and engaged the crowd with his physical presence, leaving no room for doubt that he belongs as vocalist for Sick Puppies.

As Skillet came on, the crowd was energized, excited, and rocking.  The ladies of the band showed their strength, with Jen Ledger providing great vocal harmonies and keeping the beat behind the drums, while guitarist Korey Cooper crossed the stage back and forth keeping the crowd engaged.  Vocalist John Cooper got personal with the crowd, stepping to the front of the stage to sing and interact, and not once did he disappoint.

Judging by last night, the next six weeks are going to make for a great tour, and definitely one to catch.  I can't wait to see what 2017 brings for all of the bands!

Credit: Tatiana
Credit: Tatiana
Credit: Tatiana