It has only been '7' months since the release of Sixx A.M.'s last record, This is Gonna Hurt, but on December 13, the trio will be releasing their second EP, 7. However, AOL Music now has the entire album streaming on their website.

The mission for this EP was for the band to take their best and most popular songs and completely re-invent them into something new and different. It gives the band the chance to walk on familiar territory while exploring new routes and ideas for already-existing material. The title is simply derived from the number of tracks on the album.

I've always loved the concept of taking a song that is already successful and familiar with listeners, and doing something different with it to change its focus," says Sixx:A.M. vocalist/guitarist James Michael about '7,' the trio's new EP. Hitting stores next week, the disc features Sixx:A.M. pulling apart, reconstructing, and re-recording some of their best-known songs.

The idea of this record works really well with Sixx:A.M. since our fans have really connected with the meanings of our songs. Whether it's the heavier stuff, or one of our piano ballads, they've always attached themselves to the words of these songs. I really love that about our fans.

So what we did with '7' is present a bunch of our songs in different arrangements to give listeners a chance to maybe see them in a new light. It's us reinterpreting our own songs. What we didn't want to do is just take the songs and simply strip them down to an acoustic thing, Michael says of '7.'

The article also discusses the possibility of the new versions being better than the originals. It's very possible, and Michael responded with:

Take the song 'This Is Gonna Hurt,' for example. When we were tracking this new version, it gave me goose bumps. I never realized how heavy the lyrics were to that song when we recorded it for our last album. It's easy to get caught up in the loud drums and guitars, plus you're also producing the stuff. But yeah, it was really interesting to look at the lyrics from a different angle.

To hear the new EP, go here!

What do you think of the EP? Will you be buying it next week?