It's law here in the state of New York to not talk or text while you are behind the wheel. Let's face facts: as much as that isn't safe, a lot of us still do it.

There are a million and one things to distract us while driving, but what's the most popular activity for drivers? Texting? Talking on the phone? Would you believe singing?

A new study from DMEautomotive, in honor of National Collision Awareness month, shows that most drivers actually enjoy belting out a tune above all else. Ok, might not be that much of a distraction unless you are headbanging too. Singing doesn't even make the government's official list of distractions for drivers, but the rest of the Top 5 are there.

DME Manager of Research and Analytics Dr. Mary Sheridan commented on the findings:

It's not surprising that singing out loud tops our list, but it's deeply disturbing to see how much multiscreen, multi-tasking is going on in cars: people texting, reading emails and the paper, and watching TV. And how a smaller, but considerable, percentage (5-7%) are treating their cars as an extension of their home/bathroom by shaving, brushing or flossing their teeth, putting on makeup or deodorant and changing their clothes while driving.

Wait! Watching TV? Changing clothes? Flossing? Shaving while driving? Who would even think that shaving would be a good idea behind the wheel?

These are the people you and I have to deal with while on the Thruway, Northway and roadways everyday. So keep an eye out for someone doing one of the following 17 from PRNewswire:

  1. Sing out loud
  2. Have a phone conversation
  3. Eat
  4. Read a text message
  5. Send a text message
  6. Read an email
  7. Take a photo
  8. Send an email
  9. Put on make-up
  10. Floss your teeth
  11. Put on deodorant
  12. Watch TV or movies
  13. Change clothes
  14. Read a newspaper, book, or magazine
  15. Brush your teeth
  16. Work on your laptop
  17. Shave