Simon Cowell maybe be known for American Idol, but that doesn't mean he isn't afraid to poke fun at it a little bit.  In the new preview for his new show The X-Factor, he takes a little jab at the well known talent show.

Everyone thought that once Simon Cowell left American Idol, the show would fail.  While it didn't do as well as previous years, it was still very much alive.  This fall, Cowell will premiere his brand new show The X-Factor.

The set up is similar to Idol, but it is also very much different.  From the looks of the preview there are no private auditions.  Things are done in front of the judges and a live audience.  From what I have read about the UK version of the show, the format is very similar to that of The Voice, where the judges pick you and then coach you as you battle against other singers.  I know that FOX and Simon have had the X-Factor in the works for a while, which explains why NBC jumped on The Voice so quickly. I am only assuming though.

During the MLB all star game they did a world premier preview of the X-factor, and Simon has decided to mock American Idol  a little bit.  I'll probably end up watching the first couple episodes of this show, but not sure how long it will actually capture my interest.