Shim Moore, lead singer of Sick Puppies was a busy man at Rock on the Range after their set. He was seen running all over, just about every inch of the media tent and then some talking with press. I was able to grab Shim for a few minutes to talk the new album, the differences in living in the United States vs. Australia, and even the most generic questions  he gets commonly asked.

The one I get the most is Where Does The Band Name Come From?

I so sick of it I started to make answers. There's actually three myths going around right now that I started.

(Listen to interview below for those myths.)

The band's new album is entitled "Connect", out July 16th, and features the new single "There's No Going Back". I mentioned to Shim it reminded me of one of their earlier songs "Odd One". Are we to expect a similar sound on this album or combination of all their previous works put together?

It's basically 'Dressed Up As Life', 'Tri-Polar', and 'Polar Opposites' - If you put it all in a blender and take the best parts out, you have 'Connect'

The space between 'Tri-Polar' and 'Connect' has been long time. I asked why the process took longer than normal.

We wrote over 100 songs. We took a year to write and half a year to record it.

We recorded less guitars, turned them up louder. So it's a bigger record, it's a larger sounding record. But mostly we focused on the songs. We let the songs do the work.

We wanted to make timeless songs. But we really wanted to make those song - where you listen to any of the songs from the 90's or the 80's, the classic songs. We're hopping to get one of those on our record.

The conversation goes deeper into the culture of the band's homeland of Austrilia for musicians, life, etc. Hear the entire conversation below