Halloween is just a few weeks away, and for many people it's their favorite holiday. It's the one day out of the year where you can be anyone or anything you want to be, let loose, have fun and eat a ton of candy. However, if you're a registered sex offender in California's Simi Valley, you might as well dress up as a ghost, because they are not allowed to have anything to do with Halloween. Is this right?

In the southern part of Simi Valley resides five registered sex offenders who are trying to fight a month-old law that forbids them from displaying Halloween decorations and handing out candy, according to the article. In accordance with Megan's Law, these individuals must also put a sign on their properties saying "No candy or treats at this residence."

Janice Bellucci, the attorney defending the five offenders, states that the law is the epitome of discrimination and even compared it to when Nazis forced Jews to stand out by wearing yellow stars on their outer garments. While some oppose this, it is confirmed that Bellucci does have a point- it is the same underlying idea, although not as harsh or serious. Megan's law was placed solely for the protection of children, not to further demean or isolate registered offenders.

I think it is doing both, however. What difference will it make for just five people not to participate in festivities except to make them stick out like sore thumbs so that they are even more avoided to the point of possibly making them want to leave the area. Yes I get that they are offenders but I think this may be a little exaggerated.

So what do you think?