I saw something yesterday morning where Connecticut Legislator Tom Larson was proposing to have the date of Halloween always be the last Saturday in October. When you always know what day it is as opposed to floating, it sure would be a lot easier wouldn’t it? First, if you have kids, consider how much easier it is when you have a Saturday to get them ready instead of rushing home from work and trying put costumes together. I don’t have kids and I can’t even imagine trying to get dressed up on a weekday anymore. I guess that can depend on how much effort you want to put into your costume though. I’m all for just making it the last Saturday of the month. You wouldn’t have to worry about a weeknight event or about celebrating Friday and Saturday. And God forbid those people that have Halloween parties the week before. Oh man, that’s just not right.

Some may ask “What’s next… moving Christmas?” I don’t think it has to go that far. Halloween is more for kids, or kids at heart who want to dress up and have fun. While Christmas certainly has its angles for children, most of us feel that Christmas is about faith, family, love, sharing and rejoicing.

So back to the question, should Halloween always be on a Saturday? We always have Thanksgiving on a Thursday, and I think that works out pretty damn good as most of us usually get 2 days of for that one.