Everyone under the sun has a cellphone. Adults, children, even pets. Okay, maybe not pets. Are they too much of a distraction for schools?

We are all guilty of checking our phones. While we won't admit it, most of us have texted while driving, and been just plain rude with our various phones. With everything phones can do these days, it's hard not to keep your nose in them. Should we be giving our kids smartphones to bring to school though?

I have heard from plenty of teachers that phones can be distracting. While some kids aren't always on their phones, some are, and it's not good. Teachers can't really take the phone away, and brat kids aren't willing to give up their precious phones. What have we done? Created monsters is the correct answer. Is there really a need for a teenager to have an iPhone? No.

We should allow phones in schools for emergency purposes only, but kids shouldn't be allowed to walk around from class to class with them.