Something from the pages of White Trash Theater. Olympia, Wash is the setting for what had cops a bit confused. Two neighbors fight, one ends up shot, and the shooter has some hidden gems inside his house.

Darren Shore met a neighbor, Ryan Lemcke, at his house to move a hot tub and apparently there was a deal in place for payment in pot. When Darren refused to pay, Ryan became angry and refused to leave - that's when the shots were fired. Cops arrived and upon entering Darren's house they found what could have easily been something out of a drug cartel movie: 15 pot plants, 2 alligators, a hot tub, and a stripper pole.

Let's break down each:

Pot Plants: Darren claims he bought them from a dispensary as medial marijuana for his back.

Alligators: Where do they come in to play? Well, the alligators were used as "guard dogs" for the pot. Darren helped police in coaching the gators to the bathroom with chicken and placed them in the hot tub.

Stripper pole: Shore's wife is an exotic dancer. So I guess she needed it home for practice?

The Neighbor: Ryan was released from the hospital on Monday.