Rock quintet Bobaflex hail from Point Pleasant, West Virginia and have been around for about eight years, living on less than satisfactory sustanace, a few bucks, oh and fans couches.

Shaun originally wanted to name the band something that "didn't make sense," such as Lint Biscuit, but then decided to go with Bobaflex, which is inspired by Star Wars' Boba Fett.

The very personable Shaun McCoy, who is one of three guitarists and vocalists in the band, including his brother Martin, sat down with the pride of knowing his band was one of only a few good ones that were produced in his hometown. He said this year's Rock on the Range festival was the band's second and that they were honored to be the Jagermeister stage headliners. They played back in 2008, and Shaun remembered how everyone sang along with them and what a great feeling it was.

We then got into the subject of touring and Shaun mentioned that many times he and the band will "crash at their fans houses" to save money. "We get treated like kings," he said, adding that their hosts and hostesses will barbecue for them and get them alcohol. He said that most of the time the fan's mothers are cool with it, which I found surprising. Shaun said that he enjoys having alone time and watching the History Channel, but that he's very lucky to be offered a house for the night in some cities. If the band gets several offers, they sometimes split up or take the best one, he said while laughing.

The conversation then shifted to stalkers and creepy people, which Shaun stated that they have many of, one of whom "seemed like a serial killer" and another who actually peed on stage during their performance.

As for his favorite city, Shaun prefers Las Vegas, because he can drink 24/7, gamble and enjoy the buffets. Let's hope this year's  festival outdoes anything that Vegas has to offer!